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Health and Safety

Health and safety

Health and Safety at Bri-Chem Supply Corp

At Bri-Chem Supply Corp we are dedicated to ensuring a safe and healthy work environment for not only our employees, but for everyone that visits our facilities or handles our products.

We conscientiously work to ensure managers and supervisors at all locations are aware of and following set company and government guidelines, especially when it comes to the handling and shipping of hazardous products. As well, we work to ensure any freight companies we work with take the same safety practices in the care of our products and cargo.

To make this possible we:

  • Develop and implement measurable health and safety objectives and goals that are aligned to the Bri-Chem Supply Corp operations.
  • Focus on hazard identification, assessment, elimination and control, and management of risks to prevent injury and illness to employees, visitors, contractors.
  • Ensure managers, supervisors, workers and contractors are aware of and understand their health, and safety responsibilities, and are held accountable for their performance.
  • Undertake appropriate audits to measure progress, assess compliance with legislation and Company standards, and identify improvements in support of the Company’s efforts to provide a healthy and safe workplace.

At Bri-Chem Supply Corp we strive to ensure an injury and incident-free workplace. As such, we keep our management and workers up to date on current OSHA and DOT standards and regulations. This expectation is carried on to the contractors, drivers and visitors that come onto our sites or enter our facilities. All Bri-Chem Supply Corp employees recognize it is their responsibility to not only read and understand, but consistently comply with all company and government set health and safety rules and procedures applicable to our operations.